Sales brings smiles to leadership and commissioned front-line agents alike. Customer Acquisition is important to the overall health of a business, but retention is a success factor that should never be neglected.

This underscores the importance of striking a proper balance between sales conversion and maintaining superior customer satisfaction scores.  In my experience, we have found that focusing on the two items in parallel can lead to an increase in both metrics.

To accomplish this, it all begins with training.  The tips we shared as best practice behaviors all lead to this balance.  When agents are conversational and patient, the sales process flows more naturally and the prospect is more likely to either buy or at least remain a current customer.

Sales are critical but so is brand experience.  We recommend to our clients that average handle time (AHT) requirements remain flexible on all sales programs to protect the brand experience for the customer. Additionally, this improves the experience for employees as they are better able to focus on listening and responding to objections or customer concerns.

Although the statistics vary slightly by industry on the exact cost of retaining customers versus acquiring new ones, all brand leaders can agree that retention and customer experience should always be the primary focus.  Aligning to this mindset when planning and executing sales programs can truly make a difference in long term value for businesses of all sizes.

About the author:  Matt Hunt is the CEO of OmniCare365, a customer experience provider with a practice dedicated to managing Health Risk Assessment communications on behalf of leading healthcare providers.

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