Outbound Services

Outbound Services - Omnicare365

Oftentimes, the most memorable, brand building opportunities happen when companies proactively reach out to their customers/members.

What might start as something viewed as interruptive can quickly turn into an amazing opportunity when managed by the right team of contact center professionals.

OmniCare365 team members thrive in this scenario.


For example, healthcare clients turn to OmniCare365 to communicate with members for their Healthcare Assessments.

This critical function managed by OmniCare365 is handled with professionalism, patience, and near perfect completion rates.

The tenured, experienced team of frontline communicators deliver the right balance of brand message, soft skills, and alignment to the objective of each and every call.

Power at the Next Level

By taking the extra steps needed to understand the clients’ objectives and train our communicators on this, OmniCare365 shines with every interaction. The powerful analytics and coaching engine that power OminCare365 learn what behaviors resonate best with each customer, and then replicates and coaches the team on how to do more of what works.

This well-oiled machine at OmniCare365 has the power to consistently take any outbound customer service interaction to the next level.

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