Data Driven Customer Acquisition

In the age of this pandemic, acquiring customers has taken on a different level of complexity.  Acquiring, retaining, and upselling customers is now more important than ever.  In addition, brands must be creative on how to do this as consumer lifestyles have shifted significantly.

As a result, we have noticed that the role of the contact center in customer acquisition is becoming increasingly more valuable in the process of customer acquisition.  We have also noticed that relying on data to help guide our front-line team members to successfully manage those communications is also growing.

Below are a few key observations that we have identified as success factors in selling based on the data:


Data tells us the precise moment that a customer is ready to be ‘asked’ for the sale.  Leaning into this data allows us to train and coach our agents on exactly what to do before, during, and after the ‘ask.’  Asking too soon may negatively impact the customer experience.  Waiting to ask may result in missing the tight window of opportunity.  Again, access to the right data gives us this crystal ball.


Training on timing is critical.  Training on the right message that is compelling for each customer is equally important.  Analyzing success and failures help narrow this message and replicate the correct message throughout the front-line teams.  Without access to the right data, this very necessary step can be missed.


Having access to great data is one thing.  Using it wisely makes you successful, especially in sales.  We review data hourly and daily to spot trends quickly and pivot when needed. Sometimes the most minor adjustments can make the most meaningful impact in the selling process.  Taking the time to study the data and seek out potential areas of improvement can help drive a successful selling process. At OmniCare365, we use AmplifAI as our core data platform.  Whatever you use in your contact center, make sure that your entire sales teams are locked into using it as a standard best practice for customer acquisition.

About the author:  Matt Hunt is the CEO of OmniCare365, a customer experience provider with a practice dedicated to managing Health Risk Assessment communications on behalf of leading healthcare providers.

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