OmniCare635 - Healthcare Services


Member satisfaction is one of the highest-level priorities for the healthcare industry. Their success is measured by how happy members are with their level of support, and this is heavily driven by the frontline teams who interact with them.

OmniCare365 is led by a team with decades of healthcare experience. OmniCare365 is skilled at managing inbound member experiences as well as outbound interactions such as the completion of HRA’s. Each customer experience is managed with the highest level of professionalism and perfect compliance.

This attention to detail is in every aspect of the OmniCare365 approach. All apps are SOC2 certified. Every client audit passes with a 100% score, nothing less. Completion rates for HRA’s exceed those required by client contracts as we use an extensive dialing strategy that aligns closely with the members’ requirements.

Together, OmniCare365 has created a superior choice for the healthcare industry, matching client needs on every level while providing a scalable yet nimble approach to each program’s management.

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