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Financial Services

OmniCare365 has been supporting clients in the Financial Services sector for over two decades, including several Fortune 100 banking institutions and credit card companies.

The founders and leadership team have a deep understanding of the level of detail needed to support this complicated industry, and the high standards of compliance and security required to be in full alignment with clients.

Metrics such as first call resolution and CSAT are given the highest level of compliance, tracked by our sophisticated data analytics platform that keeps a pulse on all KPI’s in real time. This access to data also fosters the innovative thinking that we bring to clients proactively in order to best align with performance objectives. All of this is supported by OmniCare365’s comprehensive knowledge of the many acts and regulations that are critically adhered to when managing programs within this sector. Each team member is trained on these as well, with adherence closely monitored to ensure full compliance.

OmniCare365 solutions for the Financial Services industry include:
Customer Service- Banking
Loan servicing- Auto and banking
Customer Service- Credit Card
Bank/Credit Card Retention Services
Merchant Services (B2B)

Customer relationship are valuable in every industry, but loyalty is paramount in Financial Services. OmniCare365 provides the optimal solution for Financial Services customers in a fully compliant and secure environment.

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