Core Values


We care about our community and serve it together as one team.

As a major employer in a tier 2 market, we understand that this comes with responsibility to the community we call home.  Our employees respect how we value their hometown.  We serve the community together as one team, supporting a variety of organizations that are near and dear to each of us.

  • Community
  • People First
  • Fully Aligned
  • Documented & Measured Goals
  • Training
  • Coachng

Core Values

The core values at OmniCare365 are engrained into the foundation of the business, the culture and every client relationship.

We are dedicated to supporting our clients’ goals and objectives through full alignment.

What does it mean to be fully aligned with client goals and objectives?  At OmniCare365, it means that goals are documented and measured.  The mindset of aligning each team member to the goals, shows them exactly how they fit into their achievement, then powers their success through training, coaching, and measuring each step along the way.

From a client perspective, this dedication is evidenced by the free-flowing ideas on how to continuously improve.  OmniCare365 team members are recognized for finding innovative ways to drive client objectives and praised for being nimble and tenacious in achieving them.

We are People first.

The people of OmniCare365 are the power behind our ability to drive next level results.  Their satisfaction directly impacts how well customer/member interactions are managed and client brands are represented.

This is paramount to the success of OmniCare365 which is why we nurture and focus heavily on this core value.  Our team members are heads of household, mothers, fathers, students…. they are humans and we treat them with the respect and support that they need to be successful in their role at OmniCare365 and in their lives through career development.

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