This has not been an easy year for anyone, and those in healthcare have clearly felt the strain.  With routine medical visits being postponed among so many other delays, this year is one we are all ready to leave behind.

With all eyes looking ahead, the importance of achieving high completion rates for Healthcare Risk Assessments (HRA) should be a critical component of every healthcare brand’s 2021 planning.   HRA’s are yet another way to connect with members and support their overall member satisfaction, in addition to serving a key purpose in risk management and mitigation.

For brands who have not made this a high priority in the past, there are a few hints on where to start:

  1. Set clear goals for how to approach completion rates across every sector of your member population.  From specific strategies to support those with special needs to a consideration for communicating in a members’ language of preference, several segments merit unique planning.
  2. Chart a new path for dialing strategies.  Member behavior patterns have drastically changed during the pandemic so be open to finding new ways and times to connect with them.
  3. Start now.  In my last article, I mentioned a path of 30 days to HRA success.  Ramping up with a partner is not as daunting as you might expect, but the benefits of launching in early 2021 are huge.

Our data-driven approach at OmniCare365 helps us quickly drive success for clients.  Regardless of what partner you choose to support your HRA communications, we highly recommend you follow this approach as well for optimum success.

About the author:  Matt Hunt is the CEO of OmniCare365, a customer experience provider with a practice dedicated to managing Health Risk Assessment communications on behalf of leading healthcare providers.

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