This is the time of year when we start planning for a stronger new year. For most, 2020 has given new meaning to this planning process!

The importance of maintaining high completion rates for Healthcare Risk Assessments has grown significantly. It is possible to hit 2021 running toward making significant improvements.

From contract to ‘go live’, we have launched projects in as little as 30 days. This seems aggressive to many but not when the proven track record of best practices are followed.

The process leads us to rapidly gain completion rates. On average, once an OmniCare365 representative gets a member on the line, we will complete the HRA 82% of the time. This is a significant improvement for most of our clients that is realized within the first 60-90 days.

In addition, the use of our bilingual teams to manage member communications in other languages versus traditional methods allows us to improve completion rates from a standard of 52% to nearly 90% across all our clients. An added bonus is the significant reduction in Average Handle Time for these calls.

By looking at traditional and non-traditional KPI’s for HRA communications–and managing closely- we can make a broad impact for clients rapidly.

The best way to start 2021 successfully is to get a running start by leveraging a model that has been proven and replicated across multiple healthcare clients across various States.

About the author:  Matt Hunt is the CEO of OmniCare365, a customer experience provider with a practice dedicated to managing Health Risk Assessment communications on behalf of leading healthcare providers.

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