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Dedicated to Clients

We are dedicated to supporting our clients’ goals and objectives through full alignment.

We are People First

The people of OmniCare365 are the power behind our ability to drive next level results.

Serving Our Community

We care about our community and serve it together as one team.

Company Overview

OmniCare365 is the trusted partner for outsourced customer service solutions.

Leading brands trust OmniCare365 with their valuable customer relationships.

Every customer experience is critical, but the level of expertise that OmniCare365 teams show during every customer interaction is what makes them shine.


OmniCare365 delivers a variety of services to its clients

With a core specialty in driving next level customer experiences.

Inbound Services

Brands outsource their customer interactions for a variety of reasons.  The hope is that the provider can deliver a higher-level experience than internal teams could provide.

Outbound Customer/Member Support

Often times, the most memorable, brand building opportunities happen when companies proactively reach out to their customers/members.

Sales Services

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build the brand and loyalty with each customer.  It is also an opportunity to grow the relationship with each customer.

Work@Home Services

From weather challenges to health concerns, the ability to support client needs in a work@home model is a critical component to any customer experience strategy.

Community Relations

The Team at OmniCare365 Loves to Support our Amazing Community!


“Durant Main Street” projects such as holiday decorating and clean-up projects for the Historic Downtown area

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